Comet Media Foundation

Media for education and social change

Comet Media Foundation or Comet is a non-profit organisation based in Mumbai, India. Founded in 1985, it situates itself at the juncture of science, technology and society. It makes and distributes media that fosters education, social change and sustainability.

The context of our work

Our work stems from the understanding is that the educational system in India, by and large, emphasises learning by rote and discourages creativity. Society as a whole has a distorted idea about the nature of education as memorisation of the textbook. This negates the learners' questions, stifles curiosity and prevents them from achieving their true potential. However in recent times, particularly after the ideas expressed in the National Curricular Framework, (NCF 2005) have become more widely known, the trend has reversed. There is much greater public attention to what should be taught to our children and how. There is also less tolerance of excesses such as physical and verbal abuse in the name of building discipline.

Our vision

Comet's dream is a society of individuals, empowered from childhood within a culture of knowledge seeking and knowledge creation. In such a world, everyone would realise her or his potential and experience fulfillment, within an equitable and sustainable way of living. This is what connects all our varied projects and links us to the work of educational innovators across India and all over the world.

What we do

We disseminate ideas and information about innovations and alternative viewpoints on education and technology. To this end, we make communication materials in a range of media, conduct workshops for teachers and students and hold knowledge festivals.

Comet's productions are on themes like education, health, environment, gender issues and the history of science in South Asia. We attempt to make knowledge on such themes accessible to everyone through stories on issues that impact our daily lives. We try to facilitate collaborative processes and are open to pursuing any new interactive educational formats as they evolve.

Current projects

To meet this challenge, the group creates learning experiences through activities such as our
bal vividha interactive knowledge festivals, making films, bringing out books and forming partnerships with groups working in communities.

Comet's Learning Ladder project locates and distributes books, toys and other learning aids made by craftspersons and NGOs working in education.

Another activity in development is CIRCLE or Community Information Repository and Centre for Learning Experiences. This is a project for setting up resource centres for play and informal learning in partnership with community-based NGOs.

Another project to encourage film making for childrenand by children, launched in 2010 is Filmi Chashma.

The COSMOS project conducts New Media workshops with an emphasis on Free Software.

COSMOS has spun off the development of an accounting and inventory package called GNUKhata.


We welcome donations to Comet and sponsorships for specific programmes. We have the required registrations under the laws of the state of Maharashtra as well as 80-G exemption status from the Income Tax authorities and FCRA registration of the Home Ministry of the Government of India. Please get in touch if you wish to support our activities.

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