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CIRCLE: a system for play and learning

CIRCLE is short for Community Information Repository and Centre for Learning Experiences. This concept emerged from our observation that resource collections to stimulate the imagination, give scope for play, reading, investigation, invention and locating further information, are rarely found in the bleak landscape of education by rote. They are even more scarce at the places they are needed the most, where first generation learners are found struggling to find a place. To get into the stream and stay with it, they need a chance to create their own base of knowledge, relevant to themselves. This is what will help them to negotiate the world of education, not extra tuition classes.

Since we have considerable familiarity with educational books, toys and films, we decided to offer our experience to the wider community of NGOs and educational institutions. However, the idea was not just to recommend products, but to help organisations to develop the expertise needed to build resource collections and to run associated activities based on those resources. In our view, artefacts (like books) and group-based activities (like growing a garden) together make a convergent system through which children can effectively internalise knowledge.

This is the concept of the CIRCLE, a system for learners to gain lasting value and delight from knowledge. Wherever communities organise themselves, or groups take up initiatives on their behalf, there is scope for setting up CIRCLEs. Such centres would be aimed at supplementing the regular curriculum of the students, enhancing the participation of parents in education and offering useful resources to teachers.

If you would like to start a CIRCLE

Comet is looking to partner with NGOs and educational institutions keen to set up such CIRCLEs in community spaces. Community-based groups interested to start such activities may please write in to:

cometmediafdn at gmail dot com

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