bal vividha

bal vividha

bal vividha emerged out of the commitment to exploring alternative approaches to learning that has been part of Comet's agenda since its initial years. The long-term goal of bal vividha is that such exposures will make people re-examine their definitions of education, and their expectations of it. At the school level, we hope it will inspire parents and counsellors to look again at the way they advise students on career choices. We hope it would encourage educational administrators and policy makers to rethink their frameworks, and view our education system of the future as a place for learning, rather than a place for dispensing degrees.

The simultaneous events at bal vividha

The bal vividha festivals take off from the idea of a mela, a traditional form of direct exchange between users and producers, associated with festivity. They are collaborative events, consisting of:

  • Interactive Corners: an exhibition which showcases the work of educational innovators
  • Workshops: sessions of experiential learning conducted by innovative resource persons
  • Filmi Chashma: a film festival on the festival theme
  • Rangmanch: an amphitheatre offering live performances around the festival theme
  • Colloquium: a special seminar on current policy issues
  • Tiffin Box, a cafĂ© area in the midst of the exhibits, where visitors and participants interact to forge new partnerships, critiques, and play with creative ideas

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