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Bole Kishori / बोले किशोरी

Five women. Five scintillating and refreshing stories. One workshop on video film-making.

As part of the activities of the Bole Kishori or Girls Speak Out project of the women's NGO Vacha, young girls (kishoris) from Mumbai bastis are encouraged to express themselves through writing, drawing, photography, theatre and slideshow presentations. This time around, to add another dimension to their mode of expression, the project's facilitators learned the craft of telling their stories through the medium of video. Comet Media Foundation conducted a one month workshop for the community based women facilitators, with trainers who were all women too.

Bole Kishori is the collection of five short films of 8-9 min each by the facilitators who were trained to conceive, script, shoot, think of sound and edit their films. Armed with their new-found knowledge of the intricacies of cinema, these women have come up with stories that draw you in not only with their smart visuals, editing as well as competent sound, but mostly because of their innovative themes and ways of seeing.

Take for example the film titled Tere Ghar ke Samne (On the street where you live) which explores the reactions of the residents of the Nehru Nagar basti, close to the home of an influential and famous neighbour who constantly eludes them. The neighbour is none other than the renowned film star Amitabh Bachchan. The film brings out the nuances of the contradictions that the local electrician feels between his love for the star and his lurking doubt that he was of no help during the 2006 floods when the whole basti was under water. What are the boundaries between the real 'hero' and the reel one?

Another film in the collection called Khel-khel Mein (It's all in the game) questions the stereotypes of gender roles by asking a simple question: "Why are there no girls out on the school playground during break-time?" The range of answers leave the viewers with a sense of the possibilities of the playground as a space for liberation from the chores that the girls have to do without fail at home.

A day with sounds is a poetic film in which the camera lingers in the urban spaces that the filmmaker has chosen but the story is told only with various sounds encountered in the passage of a day.

Films made at our Bole Kishori workshop for the women's NGO Vacha :

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