GNU khata


What is GNUKhata?

GNUKhata is a free and flexible software for accounting and inventory management being developed at Comet. It is a Free and Open Source Software. that supports a wide range of applications in every field of economic activity, including factory or farm-based production, point of sales accounting & inventory and work in the service sector.

While it serves such traditional accounting requirements, its special feature is that it can support emerging sectors of the economy who are being required to keep audited accounts, such as self-help groups, craft producers and micro-finance groups.

GNUKhata is highly customisable, given its open source nature. It can be easily transformed into Indian languages, largely unreached by existing software solutions. GNUKhata is soon to be extended to include a payroll section. We hope to take it to a stage where it can become a tool for remote banking.

GNUKhata is a software for

  • maintaining books of accounts
  • vouchers, bills, invoices and other documents needed in day-to-day accounting
  • ledgers, journals and other reports related to books of accounts
  • inventory-related tasks at any point of sales
  • sales data through a variety of report formats
  • use over the Internet to link points-of-sales units or collection points (for milk, savings etc) with each other and to a central server
  • managing micro-finance units

GNUKhata is not a free replica of any proprietary accounting software, though it can be used in place of one and does all the same functions as efficiently. In fact, its simple and elegant user interface contains features which cut out a number of tedious and repetitive tasks which are users are often compelled to do in the rigid architecture of conventional software.

For more details and to download the GNUKhata package and try it out, please visit the website and wiki The manual is also available there, along with details on development road maps and milestone announcements.


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