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We offer books featuring contexts familiar to children growing up in contemporary India, as well as classics which have stood the test of time. Such a selection subtly encourages children to think about who they are and their relationships with the people and environment around them.

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The toys we stock are mainly made by traditional craftspersons from organic materials like wood, lacquer, bamboo and cotton fabric. Apart from the pleasure of play, they provide an opportunity to the child to establish a personal connection to the region and craft tradition of a toy.

Apart from cultural relevance, these toys have various pedagogical strengths:

  • principles of physics (balance, torque, centrifugal force etc) are grasped intuitively
  • mathematical and strategy-making skill are encouraged
  • spatial skills and eye-hand coordination are strengthened
  • fantasy play and story-telling abilities are developed
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    Learning aids

    Certain concepts in mathematics and science get integrated into a child's understanding when they are personally experienced and she or he can experiment with them. The learning aids that we offer set processes of independent inquiry in motion. This dynamically personalises the process of understanding and the knowledge acquired becomes the child's own.

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    Teachers' and trainers' resources

    This selection of resource books provides insights into a vast range of topics of interest to teachers and parents. Integrating fresh and time-tested ideas, these can make teaching and learning a creative, interesting and satisfying endeavor for both adults and children.

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