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bal vividha is a public festival exploring alternative approaches to learning. Its goal is to inspire parents and teachers to re-examine their definitions and expectations of education.
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Learning ladder

Learning Ladder offers books and toys. Our selection of books play out contemporary scenarios as well as classics which have stood the test of time. The largely hand crafted toys are alive and interactive. Read more


CIRCLEs are resource centres aimed at supplementing the regular curriculum of school students, upgrading skills of teachers and to provide non-formal education for children outside schools. Comet seeks partners in setting up such learning centres. Read more

Cosmos has been part of Comet since 2005. It is a space designated for New Media. Comet has continuously explored media alternatives for education and social change...Read more

Filmi Chashma

Filmi Chashma has emerged from certain observations and experiences we have had in the course of doing bal vividha and other projects. An idea initiated by Subha Das Mollick, our Kolkata-based associate...Read more


GNUKhata is a Free and Open Source Software. It is a complete package for accounting and inventory management. GNUKhata supports a wide range of applications in every field of economic activity including production, sales.. Read more

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